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Shawn's brand-new single ‘Road of Bones' is available to stream HERE

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Shawn's new book We Almost Are  is hitting the shelves Nov. 7th

and can be ordered thru Barnes & NobleAmazon and other online retailers.

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Buzz Slayers Interview

Great new 'Road of Bones' feature article! 

Barebones Mag Q & A

"Oregon’s own Shawn Brown is back with his country and pop influenced style of rock music..." 

Sinusoidal Magazine Coverage 

"Experience the Timeless Charm of  'Road of Bones' by Shawn Brown..."

V13 Magazine Feature

Shawn discuses 'Road of Bones' and The Rain Parade with V13 Magazine in this fantastic new feature.

Alex Green, Editor/Stereo Embers Magazine

"Somewhere along the line Shawn Brown turned from a kid with an acoustic guitar into a soulful troubadour of the human condition…these are modern day spirituals, played with fire and heart." 

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