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Origin: Seattle, WA

Genre: Heartland Rock, Indie Rock

Years Active: 2000 - Present

Label: Bootney Lee Records

'The Rain Parade' EP is NOW available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms. The 6-song release features co-producer Grecco Buratto (Shakira, Tegan and Sara), Brendan Buckley (Shakira, Perry Farrell, Morrissey), Daniel Clarke (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams) and much buzzed singer-songwriter Alexia Anne. EP mastering by Justin Moshkevich (Rufus Wainwright).

Also available on Limited Edition Vinyl LP. Visit your favorite independent record store or purchase HERE at Shawn's Online Shop.

"The Sad Ones" Lyric Video
The Sad Ones Lyric Video (single version)

The Sad Ones Lyric Video (single version)

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