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Best of the Rest, Vol 8: Biffy Clyro

Exploring one’s new neighborhood during a pandemic is tricky business.

Thankfully, shit is swiftly reopening in Portland, Oregon. One can even stand in a long rainy line to shop ten-by-ten in the record stores now.

Did that very thing last night. I’d been away over the weekend and missed the Record Store Day Drop. We were visiting friends on the coast who are building a killer new beach house. Turned out, naming the place became one of the real chores of the weekend.

My suggestion was obviously Shore ‘Nuff.

I mean, well worth it right?! Standing there foolish-like, rain absolutely dumping, cotton beanie soaked and drooping, earbuds thumping, with Spotify shuffling.

Worth it?

If, and only if the shop still had a leftover copy of the Gruntruck “Push” repressing…

Internally I was deep in rehearsal on the diatribe of injustice I’d soon be hurling at the unsuspecting 17-yr old working the counter when I’d inevitably finally gain access to the store to find no Gruntruck.

I was already picturing that kid, wearing the Elliott Smith shirt he bought yesterday at Hot Topic.


Biffy FUCKING Clyro entered the space between my ears and suddenly: peace and serenity.

Bless you, Spotify! Occasionally, you totally get me!

As with Best of the Rest, Vol 7th: Stereophonics, I’m lobbing myself a Hail Mary here. Inexplicably, Biffy Clyro is still basically a theater-sized act here in the States with bonafide hits being next to nonexistent. In Europe though? Behemoths. Headlining Glastonbury type—mega HUGE.

Those of you familiar with Biffy will undoubtedly recognize most of these songs, as I haven’t strayed too far away from their well known jams.

One thing that really stood out to me while whittling this playlist down to 10 songs though, is how unbelievably good their downtempo songs really are. For a band as bombastic as Biffy, they can really deliver a ballad. Don’t get me wrong, a Biffy-ballad is still pretty weird, so no worries there.

There is no debate to be had about Biffy Clyro being one of the very best rock bands currently doing it. They’re downright amazing, folks! The trio gets extra credit for hailing from Scotland and featuring frontman Simon Neil, who is downright Cobain-esque in all the best ways.

Oh….and they did have one last copy of the Gruntruck LP and that kid was working but I was way off on my t-shirt projection.

It was Taylor Swift.

Spin this playlist loud!

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