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Sunday Quarantunes: Ear Candy for Sheltering in Place (Feel Good Jams Edition)

This article was originally posted in Stereo Embers Magazine.

Ah, 2020…you are indeed a giant whoopee cushion of a year.

Utter and complete shite.

A shite sandwich, if you will

In the face of such insurmountable odds however, the Quarantunes mission remains as unyielding as Nicolas Cage’s hairline.

You are once again cordially invited back into the respite that only a silly little piece of music can create. Give yourself a break from the eternal mask adjustments and diligent hand washing. You’ve earned it…

Pour yourself a Quarantini and ask your Boo for a dance.

Oh, joy of joys, here come the Ear Snacks! While no promises can be made, this edition of Sunday Quarantunes just might offset your current sweatshirt vibes or even coax your frown upside down.

Last week I found myself engulfed by incredible current singles. One of which, Jess Glynne’s incendiary I’ll Be There, planted the ear worm in which this fine edition has exuberantly sprung.

Why not compile an edition of songs that are guaranteed to make you smile?

Why not, indeed?!

This is not a mixtape for the cool or the jaded, mind you. Nope. This edition is especially exclusive for those in need of a smile. This one’s for YOU!

Right-the fuck-on, people!

Play. Loudly. And often, friends.

And smile…smile with all the toothy-ness you can muster.

*Super quick note, there were some very purposefully left of tunes from this mix – Free Fallin’ , Beautiful Day and What I Got to name a few. I know, I know and I’ll make it up to you. Bet!

The Jackson 5: I Want You Back (1969)

Look, I take all of your potential smiles very seriously. Hence, we start of with quite possibility the most smile-inducing track in the history of recorded music. Go ahead, cue it up. I know you want to. Let your body do the rest.

Pink: Perfect (2010)

I mean, come on. When was the last time you put this one on? It’s a damn-near perfect song, musos be damned. Pink, being the baller she’s always been, drops an F-bomb right in the middle of one of the most sing-along-able choruses you’re likely to ever hear. It’s glorious! Smiles abound.

Mr. Big: To Be With You (1991)

I dare you to take umbrage with this number. You know you’re currently hearing that addictive chorus line in your head right now. It’s happening, quit fighting it. Cue it up, smiles will immediately follow.

Steve Winwood: Higher Love (1986)

Boom! Lean aggressively into that incredibly dated 80’s production. Embrace the glory. This one still feels so good, its bonkers.

Michelle Branch: Everywhere (2001)

You think I’m too afraid to put this Michelle Branch gem on here. I’m not. I take your smile count far top seriously. Pretend as you might that you don’t remember all the words. You do.

Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al (1986)

Yup, smiletastic. Our buddy Paul really came through for us with this classic. Chevy Chase also pulled a rabbit out of the hat for that video, didn’t he? Is that horn section pulsing through your head at this very moment? It sure as shit should be!

Train: Drops of Jupiter (2001)

Even if you hate Train, you secretly love this song in all of its schmaltzy glory. Put up a front with your friends, if you must. But not here. No, here at Quarantunes we admit to each other that when Pat Monahan sings, “She checks out Mozart while she does Tae-Bo” and then follows it up with the disastrous “Reminds me that there’s a-room to grow” – we smile.

Rod Stewart: Forever Young (1988)

Stone cold classic, right? Rod the Bod crushed us all with this one. Goose bumps, hugs, smiles, nostalgia abounds. Big exhale. All the feels!

Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill (1977)

No one really has any idea what this tune is about. No one really cares. The weird-ass time signature makes your body want to do strange happy things, including – yes, you guessed it – smile.

Jess Glynne: I’ll Be There (2018)

We’ve already covered this. Enjoy what happens to you


Corrine Bailey Rae: Put Your Records On (2006)

Never have truer words been spoken. Please, put your records on. Preferably this one…like, now.

Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed Life (1997)

This had to be one here. Too darn smiley for it’s own good. There are actually some helpful sentiments in this tune for dealing with our current SIP’n. You’ll see what I mean.

Bryan Adams: Summer of 69 (1988)

No explanation better be fucking necessary. Seriously, if this one doesn’t smile your face off, we can’t be friends.

* Exclusive to those of you in need of immediate and accessible smiles, the accompanying Feel Good Playlist on Spotify is right here:

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